Updates in IOM Ukraine's Multipurpose Cash Assistance Programme

National level changes to the multi-purpose cash transfer value: 

  • Multi-purpose cash assistance is a type of assistance that humanitarian organizations give to the people of Ukraine affected by war to cover minimum living standards, including food, hygiene, clothing, and simple household items. This assistance is not to assist in fixing damaged housing. It’s intended to keep families living in dignity and able to respond to their most pressing needs. 
  • Since the re-escalation of violence in Ukraine, this assistance for eligible beneficiaries has been calculated as 2,220 UAH/ per person per month, disbursed in three month tranches of assistance (6,660 UAH per family member). 
  • Starting October 1st, the Cash assistance partner will implement the new transfer value of 3,600 UAH per month in Ukraine based on the new humanitarian Minimum Expenditure Basket (MEB) pricing. The change happened as a response to feedback from people in Ukraine receiving multipurpose cash assistance informing us that the value is insufficient to cover their basic needs and the increase of prices in Ukraine. This review process will be regular, with adjustments made according to significant price changes. 
  • Different organizations will have different timelines for the rollout of assistance. 

IOM implementation of the new transfer value: 

  • In line with the cash working group recommendations, IOM will be using this new transfer value as the basis for their multi-purpose cash assistance programming from October 1st 2023. 
  • This means that all beneficiaries registered and eligible after October 1st. 2023 will receive the updated amount. For beneficiaries registered prior to this date, who may still be receiving disbursements within the month of October, transfer values will be in line with the existing 2,220 UAH per family member. 

Registering for IOM multi-purpose cash assistance:

  • To receive multi-purpose cash assistance, you need to register in person at an IOM registration point. Registration for cash assistance is currently open in Kharkiv region. If you are not in the current registration area, you can find other organisations that provide registration in your region:
  • For more information, please contact the IOM hotline 0 800 215 015.
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