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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is mobilizing teams and boosting capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to respond to the growing humanitarian needs of Ukrainians forced to flee the country, those internally displaced, and stranded third-country nationals. This page provides access to the latest news and resources related to IOM's response in Ukraine and the region, as well as IOM hotlines to support persons affected by the war in Ukraine and in different countries

The Organization’s number one priority is the safety and protection of all those fleeing the country – including third country nationals – and their ability to access assistance. It will also be crucial to screen for and assess potential short-term and longer-term vulnerabilities, including for human trafficking, child protection, health and mental health, and the arrival of more vulnerable people with special needs, including elderly, wounded or sick people.

IOM Crisis Response in the World

Conflicts, armed violence, disasters, epidemics, pandemics and other crises force millions of people to leave their homes and communities, sometimes for years or even decades. Millions of people are currently living in displacement within and across borders with disasters displacing around 25 million on average each year. Economic downturns, political instability and other drivers also compel large population movements.

As the leading UN agency working on migration, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is committed to saving lives and helping populations move out of harm’s way. IOM protects and assists those displaced or stranded by crisis, and supports populations and their communities to recover. IOM works to mitigate adverse drivers that force people from their homes, help build resilience and focus on reducing disaster risk so that movement and migration can be a choice.

The Organization is among the world’s largest humanitarian actors and one of the few international organizations directly impacting programmes across the humanitarian, development and peace nexus to provide comprehensive responses at all phases of crises.