Support Victims of Trafficking ? Christmas Sale

Support Victims of Trafficking ? Christmas Sale

19 December 2011

Several victims of trafficking, who received micro-enterprise grants from IOM as part of their reintegration plan, joint and set up an embroidery and sewing production.

You could support the counter-trafficking cause and IOM's beneficiaries by purchasing their products.

If you would like to buy any of the items displayed below or other similar products (e.g. bed linen, cloths, etc.), please contact Ms. Irina Babenko, Head of Women?s Information and Consultancy Centre NGO in Zhytomyrska oblast, on her mobile phone 096-456-55-56.

Ukraine is a country of origin, transit and increasingly of destination for trafficked men, women and children. Internal trafficking is also a growing problem. According to a research commissioned by IOM, over 110,000 Ukrainians became victims to human trafficking since 1991, which makes Ukraine one of the largest countries of origin of slave labour in Europe. IOM?s counter-trafficking activities in Ukraine started in 1998. Since then IOM Ukraine has assisted more than 8000 victims of trafficking.