Resettlement Support Center Eurasia: Announcement About Current Case Processing Activities

The Resettlement Support Center (RSC) Eurasia notes the currently evolving security situation in Ukraine and would like to inform you that activities related to the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) are still ongoing.

RSC Eurasia would like to reassure you that your case remains active, and case processing has continued. This will not have an impact on your USCIS decision or overall case processing. However, the RSC anticipates that some activities may be delayed. RSC Eurasia cannot indicate a timeline for activities since the situation is still developing. We appreciate your patience.

Once you are scheduled for a processing activity, you will receive specific information related to that activity. If you are unable to attend the scheduled activity in the specified location, please inform RSC Eurasia as soon as possible.

We continue to monitor the situation in our region and RSC Eurasia will contact and inform you of any changes in case processing. Please avoid taking irreversible actions such as selling your furniture, obtaining exit stamps (if applicable), and vacating your home.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us if you have updates, including new documents, a new address, phone number, or email, or questions about your case. As the volume of inquiries is high, please expect delays in responses and we kindly ask for your patience in addressing non-urgent matters.

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