Monitoring Mission Evaluates the Needs of Apprehended Irregular Migrants in Volyn

Monitoring Mission Evaluates the Needs of Apprehended Irregular Migrants in Volyn

15 November 2011

Representatives of Embassies, international organizations, Ukrainian governmental bodies and NGOs visited the Volyn Migrants Accommodation Centre (MAC) to check its technical conditions and observe how the needs of irregular migrants are met.

The visit took place in the framework of the Observatory Mechanism, coordinated by IOM and designed to conduct joint assessments of migrants? accommodation conditions at Chernihiv and Volyn MACs, as well as in the Temporary Holding Facility in Chop, with the purpose to safeguard migrants? rights.

The participants of the mission toured the MAC and discussed relevant issues and the general situation of migrants detained therein. The accommodation conditions, as well as the MAC staff?s attitude towards migrants, were positively assessed by the monitors. Practical recommendations that were developed as an immediate result of the visit included further improvement of the quality of information provided to migrants and diversifying leisure activities. Other issues, such as legal advice and treatment of unaccompanied minors and asylum seekers were discussed and relevant actions were suggested.

The Volyn Migrants? Accommodation Centre is administered by the State Migration Service of Ukraine. Irregular migrants are transferred to the MAC following a court decision on placement in detention up to one year for the purpose of identification and expulsion. Currently, there are 65 people in the Volyn MAC (which has a total capacity of 180). IOM Ukraine assists migrants in the MAC through its partner NGO Volynski Perspektyvy, providing social, psychological and medical assistance. IOM also guarantees migrants? access to legal advice, provides all kinds of translation if needed, and holds donation drives for MAC?s inhabitants.

These activities are conducted in the framework of the EU-funded SIREADA Project, aimed to support the implementation of the EU Readmission Agreements with Ukraine, Moldova, and the Russian Federation.

Monitoring missions to the MACs are organized by IOM on a regular basis and are a part of IOM?s overall approach to use monitoring and evaluation tools to improve the results of its work.