Ministry of Economy, IOM, ILO Pave Road for a Strong Post-War Labour Market in Ukraine

Kyiv – The Government of Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) convened a workshop with key government stakeholders to build awareness and consensus on current and future labour market challenges in Ukraine, and the policies and capacities required to address them.

Even prior to the full-scale invasion, Ukraine was facing labour shortages. But now, with over six million people displaced internationally, the economic situation in the country is even more critical. Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy estimates that they will need to attract an additional 4.5 million workers into the labour market over the next ten years. As the country reaches the post-war era of societal rebuilding, labour needs are only set to grow exponentially to meet the demands of reconstruction and economic recovery.

“Recovery of the labour market is the way to victory,” said Tetyana Berezhna, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy.

“Our Ministry has outlined three strategic priorities of increasing participation and job matching, increasing the return and reintegration of Ukrainians abroad, and facilitating labour migration where the labour market faces shortages.”

Building on events like last month’s Ukraine Recovery Conference in London, hosted by the Governments of Ukraine and the United Kingdom, today’s discussion focused on practical next steps to achieve the Government’s strategic priorities. The event brought together 40 high-level representatives from the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, State Employment Service and State Migration Service, President’s Office, Ministry of Digital Transformation, Ministry of Culture and Border Guards Office as well as IOM, ILO and non-governmental organizations such as the Kyiv School of Economics.

IOM and ILO are committed to supporting the Ministry of Economy in forging a path towards sustainable reconstruction and the revitalization of the country’s labour market in order to address its priorities.

“As we look ahead, we must work together closely to support Ukraine on its path to recovery and reimagine a brighter and more interconnected future for Ukraine and its people. Economic recovery is paramount to this process,” said IOM Chief of Mission Anh Nguyen in his opening remarks.

“It is high time now to lay down foundations for a reinvigorated labour market that will find the best use of knowledge, skills, and abilities possessed by individuals and offer them new economic opportunities, decent work, and social protection. We are committed to support Ukraine’s efforts to this end,” said ILO National Coordinator, Sergiy Savchuk.

By fostering cooperation and engagement among key stakeholders, including IOM and ILO, the Government of Ukraine is taking a significant step towards building a resilient labour market and achieving sustainable development in a post-war reality.

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