IOM Will Continue Supporting People in Ukraine Following Deadly Attacks

Yesterday’s missile attacks on Ukraine, including the barrage that hit the capital, Kyiv are yet another escalation of the war that is having a heavy toll on civilians. Cities across the country were targeted, civilians were killed and injured, and homes and essential infrastructure were further damaged. Thousands of people lost electricity and access to water. Today, new attacks targeting energy facilities and other critical infrastructure were reported in several cities, as the authorities are trying to restore services.

Since the very first days of the war, IOM has stepped up to support the Government and the people of Ukraine by scaling up its efforts to reach those most in need among displaced and war-affected communities, and returnees.

IOM is reinforcing its commitment to ‘stay and deliver’. We stand by the people of Ukraine and will provide much-needed assistance in the coming days, weeks, and months: emergency relief items, medical and psychosocial support, grants to relocated businesses and most vulnerable families, as well as rehabilitating collective housing centres and homes. Ahead of the fast-approaching winter, we are ramping up our assistance to ensure that those affected by the war can get through the coldest months.

The loss and pain endured by the people of Ukraine are immense. And so is their enduring resilience. IOM will continue to deliver critical aid to Ukraine for as long as necessary.


Photo by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. 


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