IOM Supports Kyiv Metro to Improve Its Bomb Shelter Capacities

IOM provided folding chairs, mattresses and blankets to Kyiv metro to help people who take shelter in the subway during air raids be more comfortable. The official handover ceremony, involving Ukraine capital’s mayor, Vitalii Klytchko, took place a few hours after a large-scale Russian missile and drone attack led to the destructions in several districts of Kyiv and left three people injured.  Other areas of Ukraine were also affected, including the death of at least five people in Lviv Region.  

Currently, 46 stations of Kyiv metro serve as bomb shelters during air raids. “In the first months of the Russian invasion, over 40,000 people sought safety in Kyiv’s metro”, said Vitalii Klytchko.  

“As the whole world admires the resilience of people in Ukraine, we are proud to support the efforts of communal enterprises in Kyiv and other cities, that became the first responders to the needs of those affected by the war,” said IOM Ukraine’s Chief of Mission, Anh Nguen.  

The 9 March night air raid in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine lasted for almost seven hours. “For such a long period of time, the mattresses provided by IOM would be extremely useful, while the folding chairs and blankets will be in use even for shorter air raids,” said the head of Kyiv metro, Viktor Braginskyi.  

Funded by the European Union and the French Government, IOM provided the communal enterprise with over 10,000 folding chairs, 1,500 blankets and 1,500 mattresses. The same amount of assistance was also handed over to the metro of Kharkiv – the city that remains a frontline target of multiple attacks in Eastern Ukraine.  

Since the start of the Russian Federation’s 24 February 2022 invasion of Ukraine, IOM supported about three million of war-affected people in the country with different types of assistance.