Easier Together: IOM Launches a New Campaign on the Importance of Supporting Veterans, Their Families, Relatives and Loved Ones of the Fallen

The new campaign launched by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission in Ukraine, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and a social impact agency Plusone encourages people in Ukraine to be more attentive to each other and to one's own emotions. A series of emotional videos is designed to inspire Ukrainians to support each other, as well as to seek psychological support from specialists.

The third year of full-scale war is approaching. Veterans and their families, as well as relatives of the fallen, make up a significant number of the Ukrainian population. Their pain and loss, memories and other manifestations of the post-traumatic stress they live with, can hinder their ability to live life to the fullest. A complex emotional experience requires time to be understood and accepted, and a return to civilian life requires a lot of support. And it is not only about specialized help, but also about everyone's contribution to the community in which people live and return to.



To de-stigmatize the topic of mental health and emphasize the availability of support, the "Easier Together" campaign speaks loudly about the emotions of people, especially veterans, during war. We hear from those who are experiencing alienation or loss and those who have the strength to listen and be there for others.



Every voice and every experience matters. "If you need support say it," advises the campaign. You can talk to relatives or friends or contact the IOM’s free MHPSS hotline. Support will be found by those who are ready to receive and request it.



Mutual aid is our way to ensure the resilience of both individuals and the community as a whole. The information campaign "Easier Together" was created as part of the "Path of Resilience" project with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office.

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