Migration and Development


Ukrainian seasonal migrant worker picking raspberries in south Portugal within the framework of an IOM project (2009)


The global strategy of the International Organization for Migration envisages promoting migrants’ wellbeing, supporting integration of national minorities and strengthening the role of migrants in the development of their host countries and the countries of origin.

IOM has been assisting the Government of Ukraine in harnessing the development potential of labour migration for the benefit of individual migrants, their communities and the Ukrainian society.

In order to carry out its vision, IOM has been fostering economic integration of migrants through specialized micro-loan schemes for small enterprises; conducting research on labour migration and remittances; providing expert advice on migration legislation; and supporting the Government in discussing bilateral arrangements with main countries of destination for labour migrants.

IOM also provides assistance to the Government of Ukraine in developing policies to effectively harness the link between migration and development through increasing awareness among key stakeholders on the nature, use and impact of remittances entering Ukraine, describing migrants’ and their households’ overall financial behaviour, as well as assessing the overall impact of migration on the country’s socio-economic development.

A study on the nexus between development and migration-related financial flows to Ukraine (Kyiv 2016)

Migration as an enabler of development in Ukraine — infographics